Ever since he had a regular slot on the radio DJ Gravit-e put himself out there by pestering people an giving demo's out everywhere. Since then the bookings have flooded in and eventually DJ Gravit-e played in most of the clubs in his hometown and he decided to branch out. DJ Gravit-e has many styles of mixing, his style changes according to the vibes and the crowd, so you know you’re guaranteed to hear a different set every time unless you are listening to a mix CD which will more than likely be his commercial style of mixing. DJ Gravit-e is a massively versatile dj and definitely one to keep an eye on, He’s now pushed the boundaries even more and took that step into producing, successing in that he’s now been signed to various labels with his latest release reaching number 5 in the charts, Gravit-e is definitely an artist with huge talent.

Track Support From:

Jinx / Kumarachi / K Jah / Micky Finn / Dead Intent / Vinyl Richy / Too Greezey / Arry H / DJ Hybrid / Kre / Basshoven / Quickdraw / Ash-a-tack / Richie don / Benny V / Kenny Ken / Bladerunner / Dr S Gachet / Roni Size / Remarc / Ray Keith / A Sides / Ed Solo / Nicky Blackmarket / Dexcell / AK1200 / RV / Twisted Individual and many more!

Record Labels: 

Grid Recordings UK, Brawlin Beatz, Ballistic Beatz, Nuke Records, Ransaked Records, Directors Cut, Audio Addict Records, Dutty Bass Audio, Mash Up Records, Extinkt Audio, Sour Buds Records, Sub-Liminal Records, Inner Connection Records‚Äč

DJ Residencies:

Resonate / In Ya Face / Eye 2 Eye

Be sure to check out his Bandcamp page too! https://gravit-e.bandcamp.com