Nicky Blackmarket is one of the original pioneers of drum and bass, and he is still the most faithful

soldier for the scene around the world.


His early influences came from his mother's background in the jazz scene, and it is improvisation and

variety that characterise his DJ performances throughout his career.


At the start of the eighties, Nicky was 14 and playing electro at youth clubs in London. He played with

long-time collaborator Clarky and began to mix all forms of dance music, at house parties and on the



Friends FM, run by Mad B, gave Nicky a good education and the momentum to join the ranx of bm soho

formally know as Blackmarket Records in 1990.. In 1992, as the house scene moved towards breakbeat,

Nicky created a separate department downstairs to cater for the sound,and bringing ray keith in the store,

that would eventually be called Drum and Bass


In the mid-nineties Nicky pushed the hardcore scene with a regular show on Pulse FM and performances

at the Roller Express. He moved into production, making his first record "Spam EP", along with various

remixes and releases on his label Gyroscope, with artists like Ray Keith.


This exposure fuelled his DJ career and Nicky decided to put all his efforts into playing his music around

the world.


"...first and foremost I am a DJ."


As the jungle scene exploded Nicky formed his legendary partnership with the late Stevie Hyper D. These

performances are still regarded as the standard by which all others are judged, and mp3s of those sets

will probably be on the internet forever.


bm soho formally know as Blackmarket Records supported the scene as a focus for the community, an

essential component in an world without the internet. Nicky started another label "Kartoonz" featuring the

anthem "Two Degrees", confirming his status as a central force in the scene.


 Nicky stil is a promoter of fresh talent and ideas, unafraid to help new artists and organisers push the

artform forward. His love of drum and bass keeps him from descending into the mindless repetition and

lazy performances characteristic of many in the scene.


Nicky invites you to sample his philosophy at any of his shows around the world.