Nick The Lot - The Gill Man EP

Release date: Friday 22nd May 2020


  1. The Gill Man
  2. My World
  3. The Future
  4. Lab Rat


Pick The Lock Records, a brand new record label founded by Nick The Lot, is up and running and the first release is by the main man himself!

Four naughty tracks that will make even the most botox injected faces screw up at the clean, dynamic sound and filthy, dirty bass.

The title track ‘The Gill Man’ is a great example of Nick’s versatility. This high rising producer uses samples from the 1954 classic ‘Creature of the Black Lagoon’ surrounded by satisfyingly, weird and wonderful sounds. The sublime sounds of ‘My World’ lead into a raucous drop delivering pure damage. ‘The Future’ lives up to its name by offering advanced ingenious samples and sounds which could quite well be from somewhere in a later time. The last track on the EP is ‘Lab Rat’ and it’s absolutely savage.


Supported by:

Nick The Lot

Online Features:

2.5.20 – Nick The Lot – RAMLive – The Gill Man

2.5.20 – Nick The Lot – RAMLive – The Future

14.5.20 – Sub-antics Soundcloud Premiere of ‘The Future’


16.5.20 – Jump Up Cave premiere of ‘The Future’



22.4.20 - Noisia Radio – S06E17 - The Future


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