Nick The Lot - Extend The Range EP


Release date: 14th August 2020


  1. Extend The Range
  2. Atomic Bomb
  3. Until Tonight
  4. Xenolinguistics


I think it’s fair to say that Nick is definitely one of the Grid family, with the amount of sick releases he’s had with us and this one, we believe, is his best work to date. NTL’s production skills have been taken up a notch as you will hear the increased intensity in his music making.


The title track ‘Extend The Range’ pushes boundaries or in this case ‘the range’ with its mind bending bass, moody tones and on point drum lines.


Nick’s signature sound is all over ‘Atomic Bomb’ but with more savage, stabbing punchy bass and strange samples and sounds.


‘Until Tonight’ has a futuristic haunting vibe to it. It’s a bit creepy and out there, with some awesome in your face bass.


NTL goes in harder with Xenolinguistics. This alien invasion of a track is next level and ahead of its time. It’s grotty, it’s grimey and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.



Support from:

Fabio & Grooverider

K Jah


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Radio plays:

4.7.20 - Fabio & Grooverider present Godfathers 24 in aid of Sickle Cell Society UK & Food For All HQ - Part 2 - Nick The Lot – Extend The Range (49:55)



Other Features & promo:

7.8.20 – JumpUp Cave Premiere of ‘Until Tonight’


9.8.20 – Fabio & Grooverider – Junglist Movement D&BTV: Locked In Special – Extend The Range


10.8.20 – North Base, Chimpo & FFS on Bloc2bloc HQ played Until Tonight (27.33)



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