Shadre & Salvage - Challenger Deep EP

Shadre & Salvage - Challenger Deep EP


Release date: 20th November 2020

  1. Assassinator (ft. Diligent Fingers)
  2. Challenger Deep
  3. Prototype
  4. Open The Door
  5. Shiva
  6. The Happening


Two Brains are better than one as they say. In this case Shadre & Salvage proved just that. We are proud to announce their First EP on Grid Recordings UK with - The Challenger Deep EP


Just like the title of the EP - The Challenger Deep ‘the deepest known point in the Earths seabed hydrosphere’. The duo dug deep to bring us a variety of flavours in the form of 6 tracks perfectly suited for Grid and giving something for everyone. 


First off is ‘Assassinator’ featuring Diligent Fingers on the vocals. Showcasing their love for Hip Hop and Breaks the intro eases you with that classical half time swing, rolling sub and rhythmic synth stabs, accompanied by Diligent Fingers edgy vocals to drive the track forward. One for the intro lovers as when this one drops its does so with brute force, ‘Sharp like a razor’!


‘Challenger Deep’ - Imagine your submerged under water traveling to the deepest known point of the earths’ sea bed. Bubbling soundscapes, alarms bells ringing, sonar fxs, suspense building all captured in this piece as it drops into their signature rolling drums, gritty bass hits, gravelly basslines and crashing percussion. 


Third track is ‘Prototype’. It focuses more on the upbeat vibe. This energised piece opens with uplifting epic leads and huge cinematic pads as it builds into a high octane rush of pulsing basses. One to throw your arms up to for sure. 


‘Open The Door’ - By now we know Shadre & Salvage like to keep things dark. Haunting intro sound scapes that lure you into a sub driven minimal roller. Growling basses with intricate cuts accompanied by their signature percussion and racy triplet shakers. One for the screw faces. 


‘Shiva’ brings us back to our roots. Amen. Jungle influenced with that classic amen break rolling the snare. To kept this song true to their style it’s comes with their signature intro pads, arpeggiated synths, layered with euphoric vocals that grab your attention as it swiftly builds and drops into chaos with heavily distorted basslines, pulsing subs, classic reece fills and jungle breaks. Smashed it. 


For the final track, heavily expressing their love for B movie horror films and samples. They concocted this filthy minimal roller ‘The Happening’. Descending into a tremulous bassline layered with a bitcrushed square wave. Minimal drums and off beat kicks drive the track with their signature crashing cymbals to get you pulling all sorts of shapes in the dance. Perfect Grid Material. 


Tried & Tested! It gets the Grid certified stamp. 


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Support from:

Doc Scott


Mollie Collins

Bass Brothers

Radio plays:

10.10.20 - Doc Scott - DNBvid-19 E29 played The Happening


14.10.20 - Noisia on Noisia Radio S06E42 played ‘Shiva’


31.10.20 – Mollie Collins on Kiss FM UK Played ‘Prototype’ and ‘Challenger Deep’


Other Features & Promo:


2.11.20 – Bass Brothers – DnB Allstars Mix Series 22

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