Amplify - Louder EP


Release date: 27th November 2020


  1. Recognise
  2. Wild (ft. Flint)
  3. Present
  4. Take Me (ft. Master Error & KL)
  5. Louder
  6. Valve


Zombie Recordings proudly presents this 6 track EP by 23 year old Amplify. Hailing from Devon and with only a year of producing under his belt, he’s been rather busy with releases on Young Guns, Pick n Mix and Hydrated Audio as well as running his own label, Gradient Records with Metal Work.


He’s had the pleasure of working alongside Nicky Blackmarket, Profile, Master Error and Metal Work, all of which have inspired him along the way.


The opening track ‘Recognise’ is dark and gritty which reflects Amplify’s style in a deeper sense. It’s got the impact factor.


Amplify and Flint work together regularly and their studio sessions always end in positive results. ‘Wild’ reflects both of their styles and has gained support by Noisia on their radio show.


‘Present’ is one of the most asked about tracks on the EP. People love the old skool hip hop vibe in the intro mixed in with a jump up drop.


The forth track sees 3 very different styles come together. ‘Take Me’ features two of Nury’s closest friends, Master Error and KL. The contrasting styles compliment each other nicely.


The title track of the EP ‘Louder’ is more upbeat and vibey compared to the low end, gritty style Amplify goes for. This one will appeal to a wide range of audiences.


Amplify takes his style in yet another direction with ‘Valve’ which has had some great feedback so far.


Listen here:


Support from:


Kenny Ken
Mob Tactics



23.11.20 – Jump Up Cave YouTube Premiere of ‘Louder’


Radio plays:

27.10.20 - Noisia on Noisia Radio S06E44 played Wild (ft. Flint)


10.11.20 – Noisia on Noisia Radio S06 E46 played ‘Recognise’


Other Features & promo:


4.11.20 – Kenny Ken – The Midweek Jungle Drum and Bass mash up on Rough Tempo


7.11.20 – Mob Tactics Mobcast S03 E09 played ‘Valve’ (1:27:48)


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