Master Error - Good As Dead EP


Release date: 4th December 2020


  1. Good As Dead
  2. Dancehall Soldier
  3. Horns
  4. Rinse (ft. Yatuza)
  5. Heavyweight


International DJ & drum and bass producer Master Error makes his debut ‘Good As Dead’ EP on Grid Recordings.


The young Luxembourg producer has had past releases on Octave Recordings, Program and Young Guns Recordings and has gained support from the likes of Noisia, Hedex, Upgrade, Nicky Blackmarket and Voltage.


This 5 track EP is full of crisp, hard hitting weapons of mass destruction that will leave you feeling as good as dead as the title track suggests. Watch out for the monstrous rip-roaring ‘Horns’. You might want to make sure there’s a defibrillator close by when listening to this. Shout out to Yatuza for the feature too on ‘Rinse’.


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30.11.20 – Jump Up Cave YouTube Premiere of ‘Good As Dead’


Radio plays:


17.11.20 – Noisia on Noisia Radio S06E47 played ‘Horns’


24.11.20 – Noisia on Noisia Radio S06E48 played ‘Heavyweight’


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